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Welcome to Interiors at Nine to Eleven

Welcome to Interiors at Nine to Eleven. Visiting our beautiful website prepares you to be inspired by our truly individual design centre. Our creative store is entirely unique, innovative and interesting. Our team are wonderfully talented, knowledgeable and can’t wait to meet you! So who are we? And what do we do?

Who are we?

We are inspirational Interior Design specialists. We create bespoke beautiful interiors individually designed to our client’s wishes. We work from a beautiful retail showroom environment which gives a visual platform accrediting our quality work whilst offering lifestyle gifts, accessories and itself a destination.

What do we do?

We deliver a personalised highly qualified service, forming relationships with our clients to learn and listen to their unique needs. We create handcrafted cleverly designed interiors that are truly individual, tailored to our client’s requirements. The showroom offers an inspirational comfortable environment to shop, design and showcase our bespoke products and services.

Our fabulous team at work


Our culture and values

  • Creativity

    Be creative, give the clients something uniquely different. Wow them with something they cannot do themselves or buy elsewhere. We are entirely unique, innovative and individual.

  • Passion

    We are passionate about design. Striving for individuality constantly creates exciting fresh ideas. Our enthusiasm for interiors is limitless and this produces truly distinctive results.

  • Communication

    Listen to our clients, assessing their wishes and their needs. Communicate constantly face to face and through all media to ensure all details are considered always meeting the client’s requirements.

  • Knowledge

    Our knowledge is key to our sales success. We inform our clients, ourselves and each other about all products and services. We consistently learn, grow and master these skills so that our clients benefit from the most informed choice. We teach each other new skills constantly and all contribute to our excellence.

  • Integrity

    We are always honest. Making commitments that can be achieved, delivering on our promises. We never compromise our services or quality and are always truthful. Challenges are dealt with promptly, communicated effectively and solved punctually.

  • Simplicity

    We recognise our foundations and respect our heritage. We are focused, know our specialism and are proud of our achievements. We never overcomplicate things and are very straightforward.

  • Respect

    We are privileged to be invited into our client’s lives and homes, we respect their property and their information and treat it with privacy and highest esteem, creating a trustworthy and comfortable environment at all times. We respect our environment, each other, their space, and opinion promoting wellbeing at all times.

  • Excellence

    Quality control is constant. Assessing our levels of service and product quality daily. We constantly check and ensure we deliver exceptional quality adding value for the long term. We never settle for anything less than outstanding.

  • Gratitude

    We are grateful. We say thank you and show our appreciation often. We celebrate our team effort and are thankful for each other’s support and guidance. We adore seeing customers in store and show our loyalty within our sales process.

  • Positivity

    Always optimistic in everything we do. Our energy and motivation create a wonderful upbeat environment. Everyone feels comfortable and happy in the knowledge we are helpful, sincere and confident. Positive energy radiates from our team. We are great!

  • Success

    We are competent and competitive. We display pride in our work and congratulate ourselves on our job well done. Our talents create prosperity and our work ethic proves our commitment to succeed.

  • Fun

    We always enjoy ourselves, our atmosphere is happy and it’s contagious! All around us enjoy it too. We love life!

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