Is Your Home the Best Version of Itself?

Sarah Clark, Principal Designer and Director

Keeping positive throughout the strangest of times has been essential, and something I have found highly achievable through my regular “I am” statements.  These are positive affirmations that my team and I come up with each day in order to remain positive about our environment and ourselves.  They are embedded in my daily routine and they keep me on track not only to fulfil my goals, but to also make sure I enjoy the journey along the way!  One of our regular “I am” statements is “I am the best version of myself”.  My team and I often can be heard repeating this mantra together during our daily morning meetings and throughout the day.  So, whilst ensuring that this version of ourselves is the best it possibly can be at any given moment, in order for that to happen we must ask ourselves, is our environment the best version of itself?  So how about you?  Are you the best version of yourself?  How about your environment?  And more importantly, is your home the best version of itself?

The confines and restrictions of Lockdown have certainly shown me all the endless reasons why I choose to live in the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire.  It has reaffirmed that my decision to renovate the farm truly is my absolute passion.  Transferring my office and working from home has been a real eye-opener, spending much more time in your own environment certainly improves your focus and influences the design journey.  Decisions made at home can often be surprising and totally different to original plans usually made in the place of work!  I am always open to new ideas, so this experience has definitely provided inspiration. The wonderful weather we are so fortunate to have had during this Lockdown has given me the incentive to focus on my outdoor plans which has certainly refined my gardening skills.  I don’t know about you, but I now consider myself an expert novice in landscaping, haha!  Often works don’t need to be as radical as mine, minor changes can make all the difference.

Looking around your environment right now, what elements have you noticed appearing tired and forgotten?  Which areas of your home need a little (or a lot) of attention?  What will your focus be?  Where will your design journey take you?  These are all the key questions to ask yourself in order to begin your journey on making your home the best version of itself.

One of the key elements of transforming a space, is colour.  Take a look at the space you wish to improve; you must consider the natural light and the lighting you have already installed.  Now visualise the room through different shades of the full colour palette, imagine the vibrancy a light, bright yellow will bring to the space, the depth that is achieved with deep hues of blue or the natural accents many different shades of green would bring to a space.  Now, decide where you want these accents to be.  The keen decorators will think nothing of getting their ladder and throwing on their overalls to repaint or wallpaper a room to transform it, the ultimate in a colour transformation, however, for a quicker, simpler update, perhaps it could be to introduce a new addition to the room, you would be surprised how much of a difference a small change can make.  Perhaps a throw, a pair of cushions, a vase, or a lamp.  All will contribute to making your space feel fresh and new.

Always consider the impact the change will have in a space; you need to balance the weight and depth of the colour so that the level it provides dominates to the level you visualised.  Seeing a tiny colour sample on a paint card is totally different to seeing the impact the paint has on all four walls.  That is why I sometimes suggest a paint sample pot.  This way you can trial a colour in a smaller area to make sure it is the right colour.




Decide what it is that you want “to do the talking” in the room, as this will dominate the scheme.  Then balance this with something of equal size, but far “quieter” in colour or pattern.  Now you need to choose accents that complement the same theme, always allowing for the odd “random” or “pop” as we like to call it!  Remember to reflect on the purpose of the room, so that the scheme and colour only enhances its purpose, therefore ensuring the space becomes the best version of itself!


For my recently installed kitchen, I used the fabulous Sanderson Paints colour ‘Amsterdam Green’ to do just this.  Using a bold, deep colour on paintable shaker style units gave an ‘off-the-shelf’ door front depth, enhanced by hand-selecting the granite worktop (in the rain, wearing a highly attractive yellow neon hi-vis!) and finishing with bespoke hammered pewter handles has given my simple farmhouse kitchen its very individual, innovative identity, whilst still remaining true to the period style of our property.  Oh and of course, reflecting my unique taste of being bold and living life in colour!

So, now you have the inspiration and the inside track, and you have decided where your focus needs to be.  There truly is only one destination in which you can achieve all of these dreams… Interiors at Nine to Eleven. The destination for all things fabulous and unique! Whether it’s a unique one-off piece from our showroom… or a full interior design service from myself or a member of my fabulous design team!  You will be surprised by the abilities of our team of experts.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the world on interiors.  We offer bespoke upholstery, curtains, cushions and throws. Lamps, mirrors, artwork, and accessories!  We also offer re-upholstery if your sofa or chair is looking a little tired, with so many stunning fabrics to choose from.  Many of our clients often refer to our beautiful showroom as Aladdin’s cave!  These are just a few of the services and products we have to offer you.  We are stockists of fabrics, wallpapers and paints from all the major design houses, and the leaders in our field for interior design advice and support.  Let us help you create your positive environment, take you on your journey and truly make your home the best version of itself.  It is our passion and it is what we do best!

Although our showroom doors are still closed to the public, we will be re-launching our new look showroom where our systems will be operating a little differently than before. Our fabric library and wallpaper library will be run on a ‘by appointment only’ basis in order to keep both you and us safe. Please, if you don’t already, follow us on social media (above) and sign up to our newsletter (below) to get the latest news on our reopening.

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Until next time……

Be brave, be bold and live life in colour!